GE hunter is known for sourcing qualitative talent across various sectors internationally. Known for being flexible, qualified and professional, they remain to be leaders in the headhunting industry and work hard at helping businesses meet their objectives.


Headquartered in Barcelona and operating across Europe and Asia with special expertise in the Emerging markets as well as the Gulf region, we work very much with cross border markets. With culture and multi-diversity managed with sensitivity and professional understanding we are able to work globally with ease.


GE hunter is what you get when you pair 20 years experience with professionalism, partners with sturdy business acumen, an international network and people that care. We work hand in hand with our clients and candidates and our experience has resulted in us being referred to as mentors and coaches. essay services


The ‘Trust Concept’ is the foundation of every detail in our business, particularly with regards to operations and is what differentiates us from others. Talent, Research, Understanding, Solutions and Time has been grouped it into a concept, reflecting the way in which we work and as an indication of expectations.



We are well established in working in the FMCG industry and understand the importance of recruiting candidates that can adapt to the speed and high consumer demand in the market.



With outstanding candidates successfully placed at leading pharmaceutical companies, GE hunter is more than qualified to meet the objectives of your pharmaceutical company.



GE hunter excels in placing outstanding executive candidates with leading companies offering technology,  telecommunication, information technology and industrial jobs.

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